Julie began her teaching in 1985, as a tutor of Showcard & Ticketwriting at TAFE in Sydney. Calligraphy classes at Community Colleges and for interested groups began soon after and continue to this day. She has taught at both recreational and tertiary vocational levels and her creative, informative and practical workshops offer participants the opportunity to learn in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Julie welcomes enquiries on any of the following topic areas, and is able to design a workshop around your specific needs.

Scripts - Traditional and Contemporary, Beginners to Advanced

  • Uncial
  • Decorative Runes
  • Foundational Hand
  • Rotunda
  • Copperplate
  • Pointed pen variations
  • Italic variations
  • Insular Uncial
  • Penned Roman Capitals
  • Cnut Charter Hand
  • Gothic variations
  • Spencerian
  • Formal Italic
  • Neuland

One day or Two day Workshops
  • Monoline Magic - historical & contemporary monoline scripts
  • Enhance your Handwriting
  • Lively Lettering
  • DIY Tools - using quills, reed pens, alternative handcrafted tools
  • Gilded Glories - Traditional & contemporary methods of gilding
  • Rawhide - Traditional & contemporary uses of vellum & rawhide
  • Writing on different surfaces - canvas, wood, stone etc
Allied Arts Workshops:
  • Paper decoration using fine art mediums
  • Paste papers and simple marbling
  • Creative card making
  • Easy printmaking